Oscar Wild Fashions on the Street

Oscar Wild paints a bold picture of contemporary urban culture with a bold palette of colours. With the superb workmanship and eye catching designs, Oscar Wild provides a much sought after street fashion brand from London, specializing in printed t-shirts with graphic art on the front. They are the brain child of David Furnish who has used pop culture and street wear to create an original and edgy style for modern urban wear. The brand is constantly experimenting with new colours and imagery whilst maintaining an authentic aesthetic sense.

oscar wild fashion


Oscar Wild clothing draws inspiration from the highly popular street brands such as 4-6-2, House of Dereon and Phat Farm. This brand capitalises on the ever increasing number of replica brands flooding the fashion market. It offers customers the chance to be a part of the worldwide urban hip hop culture whilst looking fashionable and trendy in the most original ways possible.


Oscar Wild designs are created by combining street art with high-end fashion. Each garment is designed around the latest trends while subtly referencing street styles from the past. Some of the garments are emblazoned with graffiti art or incorporate pop culture icons. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Jay Z have been snapped wearing this brand's garments in the privacy of their own homes. The success of these garments is further evidence that celebrity glamour can be as stylish and cool as any other clothing item.


The range of items available consist of short and long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, trainers, sweat shirts and tracksuits. Each item is created from the finest fabrics using screen printing technology. Screen printing has been around for many years but it was only until recently that this technology had been widely used in clothing. Screen printing allows an image to be quickly printed on fabrics without the use of ink or pigments and this makes it ideal for clothing that requires a high level of durability.


Screen printing was first developed in the late nineteenth century when it was discovered that if light was shone onto a surface it was possible to produce long-lasting images. The process was not completely refined until the twentieth century and now can be used in a wide range of areas including fashion. Fashion designers can create detailed motifs on their clothing using screen printing technology. Screen printing is also often used to enhance the colours of items such as jackets and sweatshirts. This allows for a greater degree of colour flexibility and ensures that clothes look much more vibrant than they would in natural sunlight.


Oscar Wild is responsible for taking these innovative garments to the fashion market. He started his company by creating his own range of printed t-shirts. Although initially his designs were met with criticism from the fashion world, they soon became a fashion favourite and were featured in Men's Health, GQ and Allure magazine. His clothing was so successful that he decided to open his own clothing brand and named it after Oscar Wilde, the famous writer and playwright.


Wild continued to refine his designs, producing his own range of jeans and jackets. In addition to being a well-known fashion designer, Wild has also launched his own range of accessories including jewellery and sunglasses. As Oscar Wild has become renowned for his innovative clothing ideas, his labels are regularly featured in fashion magazines and on streetwear websites around the world. His clothing companies have been successful due to the attention that they have gained from the fashion and design industry, but he believes that they are very much "in demand" too.


Wild has also been responsible for popularising alternative clothing brands such as hemp and veganism. He believes that by creating a more eco-friendly fashion industry, people will begin to realise that they have more choices than they did before. "The trend in this year is to go back to the earth, and to use materials which aren't just renewable but sustainable too," says Wild. "People want to feel good about the things that they're buying, and that's what I love about fashion." With the help of Oscar Wild and his innovative promotional campaigns, there is no telling how far street fashion can take.