Writing Festivals

Writing festivals are held periodically to bring out new and emerging writers. The main aim of such writing festivals is to encourage new and upcoming authors to hone their writing skills in front of an audience. These writing festivals are normally held in a particular year. They are also known as Writer's Fests, Book-of-eyes and other similar terms. These festivals allow the showcased writers to present their work in front of an audience.


Various professional writers come together to share their unique insights and write creative pieces, which are read and discussed by other writers. In turn, the discussions and the writing process result into a novel, screenplay or storyboard. The ultimate goal of such writing conferences is to publish the novel, screenplay or storyboard, and to give recognition to deserving writers.


A writing festival can be hosted by any literary organization. It may be a reading, workshop or lecture. Generally, all writers who have been invited to participate are required to register and pay the fee. The organizers make the conference a fun-filled event, where everyone enjoys the company of each other.


One of the foremost advantages of writing festivals is that they expose budding writers to each other. This is possible as they come under the aegis of a particular literary society or organization. The meeting might include some famous writers who can offer the literature seminars. The topics of discussion may range from the basics of writing to wider themes. Such writing workshops can help writers to explore new writing techniques.


However, writing festivals do have some drawbacks. For instance, unlike conventional literature festivals, a writing festival invites both new and established writers. Therefore, many budding writers are unable to expose their work to the wider audience. Moreover, there is no guarantee of publication. If one is lucky enough to get published, he has to work hard for it as most writers' work is not commercially successful.


A writing festival is a great opportunity for authors to network with each other. Workshops are organized by various organizations. Workshops on various aspects of writing are given. During the workshops, new writing techniques and novel concepts are discussed.


At the end of the workshop, the results of the discussions are published along with an outline of the novel that has been written by the writer based on his/her workshop experiences. The festival is a great platform for new and upcoming authors to be exposed to one another. It is a good way to practice and develop the writing abilities of the writer. Also, writers get to network with each other thereby building a strong network among each other which is very essential for the success of a writing career.


Another important feature of writing festivals is the exposure of the works of other writers. In most writing festivals, the works of other writers are also displayed. This can be a great way of networking and promoting a writer's works to a wider audience. These types of events are also a great way of developing further links between schools and universities, between other professional bodies and between other businesses and industries.


Every year there are some particular books and stories that are selected as the featured writer or the recipient of the literature prize. For the selection of the best stories and books for the festival, the organizers make use of a judging committee. Stories and novels, which have been previously published are always preferred by the jury. The judging committee usually consists of experts in the writing field who help in determining the literary merits of the story or novel.


Some writing festivals are entirely self-supporting and do not need any financial backing or help from outside. Such writing festivals encourage the writers to use their creativity freely without any censorship. Such writing festivals are generally planned and organized by organizations or individuals who are specialized in supporting good quality writing.


One of the most important things to be considered before organizing such a festival is to find a suitable venue for the event. Venues for such events need to accommodate the maximum number of guests so as to provide a sufficient number of reading spots for the readers. The space available needs to be considered as well, so that the event can easily accommodate the participants. Besides, the setting of the venue needs to be such that it can encourage the participation of the audience and also leave an impression on the writer.


While planning a writing festival, it is necessary to select a judging committee who can suggest the right kind of story or novel to be showcased. In addition, the committee should be comprised of writers, critics, and other people who can offer suggestions to the judge. The jury is the one who will shortlist the stories and will announce its shortlist. After the announcement of the shortlist, the remaining authors can participate in the writing workshop where they will be given guidelines about the writing procedure and also get to know about the impact of the story on their lives. It is also possible to create websites and make submissions online to get a chance to showcase your talent to a wider audience.